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come on 1.跟着来 You'd better go now, and I'll come on later. 你最好现在就去,我随后就来。 2.进展 How are things coming on? 情况怎么样? 3.逐渐开始 Night is coming on. 夜幕徐徐降临。 4.上演 This play is coming on again next month...

Last year, we were traveling across the Channel and my

好的:Whenever sang my songs, on the stage, on my own. 当我独自在舞台上唱歌, Whenever said my words, wishing they would be heard. 希望有人来欣赏我的旋律, I saw you smiling at me, was it real or just my fantasy? 我看见你在向我...

Low iron on press cloth. 可使用低温垫布熨烫。 有时是铸铁的意思,看语境

1.depend on 依靠. 2.basied on 以...为依据 3.argue on 争论. 4.go on 继续 5.get on 继续 6.put on 穿上 7.lay on 躺在.上 on 点击(鼠标) 9.reflect on 反思,思考 10.cheat on 背叛,不忠 on 已经开始了 12.light on 发现 13.t...


on holiday 在度假

大概意思:蜡笔 n. 彩色蜡笔或粉笔 vt.& vi. 用彩色蜡笔[粉笔]画

这首歌的主旨可能连james blunt 也不清楚,这是首悲伤的歌,这就是它的主旨 Are they calling for our last dance? 是不是他们在建议着我们最后的一支舞? I see it in your eyes. In your eyes. 我从你的眼睛里看到了答案 Same old moves for a...

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